Punch Bar | Pasadena


From the creative mind behind Corazon de Miel and Whim Kitchen, Robin Chopra, and new comer Darwin Manahan, comes Old Town Pasadena’s latest addition, Punch Bar.

Offering a menu like no other, Punch Bar co-owners Chopra and Manahan take patrons on a unique drinking experience right from the start. The sophomore bar is located in Old Town’s west end on the corner of Colorado and Pasadena Avenue; marked with a red door and requiring a ring of a door bell, the entrance to the speakeasy is an experience within its itself.

Once inside, expect a warm greeting by the bar staff as they seat you and spell out the night’s specialty drinks. Crafted by hand, down to the decorative sculptured ice cubes, Chopra and Manahan create hand-thrown punch cocktails that are both bold and unique in flavor.

Patrons are invited to enjoy hand-made specialty cocktails, punch bowl servings (4 to choose from), or even classic drinks if you’re feeling less adventurous. While traditional favors and ingredients, like cucumber, orange, and lemon, are used to create these selections, Punch Bar and its’ innovative mixologists also include some unique spices and garnishes.

What’s more, the preparation of each drink is where the true experience lies. Chopra and Manahan make sure to give a bit of background of each ingredient included in each creation. Including traditions and insight into the culture associated with the flavors, spices, and practices, this incredible duo truly make drinks that inspire the imagination and take mixology to a new level.

REVISION: Punch Bar will relocate to a new location in 2015. 


Copa Vida | Pasadena


Brewing up a storm on the corner of Green Street and Raymond Avenue in Old Town Pasadena, Copa Vida is more than just another “local” coffee shop. Occupying a space just feet from the Del Mar Station and Memorial Park, Copa Vida has lived up to it’s name as a true breath of fresh air and is one espresso bar to look out for.

Offering only the highest in quality espresso drinks and teas, Copa Vida brings it back to the basics with a menu that reflects it’s motto– coffee, tea, food, and life. No artificial syrups or elaborate specialty drinks here. Just pure, simple, quality coffee.

What’s more, the freshman coffee shop is the closest thing to authentic italian roast that we’ve seen in Los Angeles. Venture away from those sugary icy slush drinks and get your day started with a fresh pressed shot of espresso served with a crisp glass of sparkling water. Or enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea steeped to order, of course.

Craving a bite? Copa Vida also offers an exceptional food menu that includes Chef Erick Lee’s flavor heavy sandwiches and salads with only the freshest of seasonal ingredients. A personal The Squirrel Co. favorite is the Roasted Veggie Sandwich featuring roasted bell peppers, mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, ricotta cheese and arugula.

Committed to serving espresso that is both equitable and sustainable for all (from coffee farmers to roasters to baristas), Copa Vida is a company we back full-heartedly. Visit Copa Vida at it’s Old Town location (70 S. Raymond Ave.) or check the Copa Vida website..

The Blind Donkey | Pasadena

New to the Pasadena bar scene, The Blind Donkey is making a name for itself among other local favorites in the Old Town neighborhood. Not only is it a great place for crafty whiskey, cocktails, and drafts, but the freshman gastropub also has a talented and innovative kitchen that knows exactly how to compliment the in-house drink menu. Whether you’re the Manhattan cocktail type or local IPA’s do the trick for you, this place has an impressive and creative menu to satisfy all tastes. What’s more, the venue does a great job at highlighting the classic brick-house Pasadena architecture that is synonymous with the area. Next time you’re on Colorado Blvd., take a detour and head north onto 53 E. Union St. to visit our friends at The Blind Donkey.

Old Town Pasadena


Our first Neighborhood Shout Out goes to Old Town Pasadena.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit this upscale L.A. town, then you’re definitely missing out on one of L.A.’s best hot spots. Located near the historic Arroyo Seco in the San Gabriel Valley, Old Town Pasadena is home to some of the most historical buildings and landmarks in Southern California. From the sports-friendly Rose Bowl to the ninety-eight year old Pasadena Play House, the City of Pasadena has a lot to choose from in terms of historical sites. Colorado boulevard, the center of the city’s commerce district, also features shops and restaurants fit for all tastes.

For the best Old Town experience be sure to stop by The Luggage Room for an oven baked pizza with a side of bacon wrapped figs, along with a cold brew from Stone Brewery Co., located just a few steps away. For dessert, enjoy an ice cream sandwich from the newly opened pop-up store, The Coolhaus Shop— we recommend getting the coffee Oreo ice cream sandwich. Not much of a sweet tooth? No worries.Travel east down the boulevard and grab a cup of coffee from near by Zona Rosa Caffe. Nothing goes better with a cup of fresh brew than good company and a stroll through sunny Old Town. Enjoy!

Four Generation Headwear

Blending the old with the new, the Goorin Bros. company is a Pitsburg native hat shop that is reintroducing the rich tradition of hat making craftmanship to the Los Angeles area. With its new location set in Old Town, Pasadena– a perfect setting for their 1920s inspired collection– the store is sure to find the perfect audience in this historic city.

Cassel Goorin founded the hat making business in 1895, selling his merchandise off of a small horse-drawn cart on the streets of Pennsylvania. It was not until 1949 when his sons, hence the Goorin Bros., moved the business to San Francisco and skyrocketed the “bold hatmaking” company into what it is today. Lucky for us, Cassel’s great grandson continues the tradition.

Inspired by San Francisco’s artistic community, Goorin Bros. offers an eclectic selection of shapes and styles made from quality craftmanship. Top sellers include the straight 6-panel duckbill flatcap as well as the classic straw threaded fedora. There truly is a crown for every king here with styles ranging from gatsbies, cadets, panamas, earflaps, knits and even troopers.

Decide which hat is right for you at their Old Town, Pasadena location or visit them at their other L.A. stores in Larchmont and Melrose. You can also check out the brothers’ website at www.goorin.com