The Must | Downtown LA


Adjacent to downtown’s historic Indian Alley is one of our favorite happy hour spots in all of Los Angeles, the edgy wine bar restaurant known as The Must. Opened in 2008 by a pair of downtown enthusiasts, The Must has received raving reviews from the likes of Bon Appetite magazine and the Los Angeles Times. Eight years later, The Must continues to be a local favorite in downtown’s historic bank district.

While staying true to its downtown roots, The Must provides just the right amount of edge that you’d expect from a wine bar on trendy Winston Street. Facing a number of murals and art installations highlighting the special heritage of Indian Alley, The Must’s outdoor and indoor patio offers a true glimpse at downtown’s art scene. It’s interior deserves just the same amount of praise, decked in navy wood paneling and concrete pillars with accents of gold by means of industrial looking light fixtures.

Aside from a noteworthy food menu– which includes a brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner selection– The Must also offers the best in beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. As a perfect ode to The Must and its very edgy L.A. atmosphere, try their Black Sangria ($7) which is a flavorful tarty spinoff of the classic Spanish beverage. Garnished with blueberries and blackberries, the red wine and ruby port mix is as refreshing as you’d expect.

What’s more, The Must is committed to sourcing only the best of local, organic and farm fresh produce for its kitchen. Happy hour runs between 4-7 PM, Tuesday through Friday and 3-7 PM on Saturday and Sunday–a perfect spot to hit before you get your night started in downtown L.A.


Step Right Up!

Get your tickets– the circus is in town!



Luckily for us…its here for good at The One-Eyed Gypsy! This downtown establishment is located off the beaten tracks of Los Angeles’ up and coming Arts District just east of Little Tokyo. Like most of L.A.’s hidden gems, you won’t find this gastropub in plain sight. The One-Eyed Gypsy is nestled at the base of one of the city’s many artdeco bridges connecting the east side to central L.A. and is walking distance from the downtown Metro stop.

With just the right amount of weird, this bar offers locals and visitors alike the opportunity to drink and dine in an out of this world experience. Whether you’re enjoying company in the taxidermy bird room, sipping on gypsy juice ($4) in the gypsy’s quarters or playing skiiball with a foe, expect to see a lot of strange at this freak show.

Happy hour might just be the strangest part of it all…because its actually affordable! Here are just a few of the items on the list: slider or corn dog and beer ($5), pizza and boilermaker ($12), tots ($2), deep-fried oreo ($1), and the star of the show…deep fried girl scout cookies ($4). However, the bbq pulled pork pizza ($9) is this squirrel’s favorite act!

Wash all that carni food down with the gypsy’s Clowns Cup ($11), a mix of Akvinta Vodka, cucumber, fresh lime and sea salt; or her Midnight Cowboy ($12) which takes Maker’s 46, fresh green apple juice, strawberry Rhubarb syrup and Angostura & Castillan Bitters to a new level.

So step right up and enjoy the show at the One-Eyed Gypsy or visit this prize of a bar at

L.A.’s Home-Brew


Just behind the railroad tracks in Atwater Village, hides L.A.’s biggest hometown brewery. The yellow house at Golden Road Brewing opened its doors to Los Angeles with the introduction of its new pub– serving up to twenty original beers on tap and accompanied with an organic fresh selection of menu items. Founded in 2011 by co-owners, Tony Yanow and Meg Gill, the brewery offers guests an eclectic selection of beers that mirrors the eclectic nature of the city.

Marked by its three colorful warehouses (red, blue and yellow), Golden Road Brewing is easy to spot against the lush greenery of the Santa Monica Mountains. This unusual location, nuzzled between Griffith Park and some railroad tracks, offers the right amount of “different” that Los Angeles bar-goers expect when going to this hometown brewery.

Choose a cold pint from Golden Road Brewing’s twenty different home-brewed beers– featuring a selection from their anytime beers, carpenter’s cellar, and custom IPA’s. The Squirrel Co. favorite is the Golden Road Hefeweizen ($4), a South German beer with “a pinch of California influence,” and aromas of banana, spice, orange, and lemon. Pair your beer with one of the pub’s locally grown menu items, including Yukon gold potato fritters with parmesan served with paprika cream ($4).

Golden Road Pub is now opened seven days a week, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. or visit them anytime at