Sgt. Pepper Clothing Co. | Los Angeles

Genuinely crafted clothing for LA gentlemen by Sgt. Pepper Clothing Co.


Alpha Passport Wallet | Old Calgary

Before you book another flight take a look at what one of our favorite brands has in store for the traveling gentleman in you.


Introducing the Alpha Passport Wallet in Anthracite ($50) by Old Calgary. Using genuine Italian leather along with German merino wool, this innovative style and design company has created yet another great handcrafted product. Perfect for the gentleman on the go, the wallet holds your passport, credit cards, cash and all your important travel documents. Slim fitting, the wallet measures in at 6 inches by 4.5 inches. Grab your own piece of quality craftsmanship before your next trip– available at the Old Calgary website.

Gin & Luck

Inspired by the culture and movement of Los Angeles, Gin & Luck provides city-dwellers with reliable and handcrafted tools for those folks that are always on the move. Now whether you’re on a morning trek through downtown or taking a stroll through the west side, this collection will have you looking sharp and provide functionality to your everyday street-wear.


Gin & Luck is a sophomore company that designs and locally fabricates a number of quality goods, including their “inaugural product,” the Gin & Luck Rucksack bag. Drawing inspiration from both military style equipment along with the rough-and-tough quality of L.A. streets, the Rucksack is a multipurpose bag built from heavyweight canvas and high-quality leather that serves all your nomadic needs. Equipped with waterproof compartments, two saddlebags, a lined laptop compartment, and two side pockets (perfect for wine bottles), the Rucksack truly has all you will ever need in a traveling bag.

For more on this crafty company, take a trip to the Gin & Luck website and explore the latest in their product lines. We guarantee that you’ll find all of your gentlemen handcrafted goods at this Los Angeles store.

Photo courtesy of:  Gin&Luck

Original Penguin

Original Penguin Polo Shirts at Jon Barrie 


Whether you’re fashion forward or not, we all know that having a black polo shirt is essential. And while we heavily support the idea of having at least one of these bad boys in your wardrobe, its about time that this classic fashion staple gets a little makeover. Thanks to our friends at Joe Barrie, that dream polo is only a click away. The UK menswear online shop is featuring a collection of classic polo shirts by Original Penguin that are just the right amount of “different” and would be a great addition to any L.A. gentleman’s wardrobe.

Among the selection are two Squirrel Co. favorites. First up is the Original Penguin Dog Tooth Vintage Polo Shirt, featured here in eclipse blue and embedded with an olive green dog tooth print on its front panel. The vintage styled polo shirt is made of 100% fine jersey cotton, has a four button placket and features the signature Original Penguin logo on the chest. This style of polo is a great reminder of vintage wear that serves its modern-day purpose– bringing a retro-classic feel to a basic menswear item.

Next up is the Original Penguin Earl Polka Dot Polo Shirt available in the same piercing eclipse blue. This heritage slim fit polo features a polka dot design across the front panel as well as the Original Penguin logo on a form-fitting pocket on the left. The white detail on both sleeves and the four button placket, makes for a clean polished look that styles perfectly for any event on your agenda. While this might be The Squirrel Co. favorite, its a sure win with either Original Penguin polo shirts.

For a closer look at the complete Original Penguin collection on Jon Barrie, visit the UK online store at Use our discount code below for an additional 15% off your Jon Barrie purchase.


Men’s Holiday Socks

While we never thought we would be writing an article on an item of menswear that we rarely sport, this collection of men’s holiday socks has us doing just that. And in good nature too! Thanks to the ever-so convincing charm of Maxton Men and their limited collection of socks that were recently released, The Squirrel Co. welcomes the two golden toes in men’s footwear– PACT and Richer Poorer. These two remarkable California brands are sure to bring that little extra something, to that otherwise stylish wardrobe of yours! From organic cotton to a combed cotton-nylon blend, these men’s holiday socks will carry you and your style far pass this holiday season.

You can expect a variety of styles and colors, fit for any gentleman. For a look that says, “I’m ready to go chop down this year’s Christmas tree, honey!” PACT offers the Work Socks— an organic cotton blend, free from pesticides, bleaches, and sweatshops– that come in a navy, charcoal, light grey, and red base color that will compliment any khaki pant or simply look good thrown under your favorite pair of jeans. For that office newbie, fresh out of college, that wants to remind everyone in the office, “I can still frat hard,”  Richer-Poorer is ready to deliver with their Recruit Socks in both blue and green. These socks use a digital camo pattern that brings, “personality and toughness,” to your office threads. And finally, for the patriotic, BBQ loving American civil soldier in every family, we present the Richer Poorer’s American-made Patriotic Navy and Red Socks— made of 78% combed cotton and marked with stars and stripes.

In good holiday spirit, The Squirrel Co. would like to tip our hats to both of these brands for inspiring our style creativity and making true sock-fans out of us! To get your hands on these men’s holiday socks from PACT and Richer Poorer, visit the Maxton Men online store and place your order while supplies last.

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The OC Mafia: An Original Collection


All The OC Mafia graphic tees are designed by co-founders, Ian Hutchison and Ryan Mark. Inspired by their belief that “quality art and creativity is alive and well,” the talented duo brings a sense of realness that is often lost amidst the glitz and the glamor of this tinsel town. Join the mob and order your very own The OC Mafia graphic tee ($22) by contacting them at or visit their website for more on this cultural and artistic movement.

The OC Mafia


Almost as impossible as finding a good parking spot in downtown, befriending a true Los Angeles native in this city is just as unlikely. Whether it’s a struggling actor from the Midwest or tourist from across the pond, the resident demographics of this west side jewel is predominately made up of people from out-of-state. And so amidst this cultural melting pot, The OC Mafia clothing and design company is here to pull the vial off of any tinsel town misconceptions and evoke a more real and grimy essence into Southern California fashion and style.

Co-founders Ryan Mark and Ian Hutchison (old college roommates from Chapman University) have come together to spearhead the cultural and artistic movement that is The OC Mafia. Their clothing line is influenced by an array of cultural elements spanning from the styles of 70s and 80s DIY punk posters, to the vernacular design of Ed Banger records. Infusing these elements together, the duo uses this stylistic approach in showcasing elements of Southern California that not many designers choose to highlight– the dirt and grime.

“We are not there to say Southern California is a horrible place as much as we are saying it is a real place that has the grime living side by side with the sunshine and palm trees. So the sun comes hand in hand with the shadows, which is very much a part of the chiaroscuro style consistent in noir,” says co-founder Ryan Mark. And while seemingly poking fun of the hype created by out-of-state residents and other residents alike, The OC Mafia brings sincerity and genuine appreciation for both the good and the bad that Southern California has to offer.

To experience and learn more about this collection, visit The OC Mafia website at or contact them directly at to order your own genuine piece of California.