Indiana Colony | Pasadena


Whatever you’re looking for, chances are they got it. An original concept for this otherwise big business boulevard of shops and restaurants, Indiana Colony in Old Town Pasadena offers a little bit of everything as a small business mall of sorts.

Part ice cream shop, part coffee shop, part pie shop, part tea and spices shop, part juice shop, and part flower shop, Indiana Colony brings small businesses together and offers a one-stop shop for Old Town enthusiasts. Former home of The Squirrel Co. favorite Linus Bikes (check out our write-up), the food and retail community is now comprised of six separate and unique shops; they include Cool Haus, Pressed Juicery, Pie Hole, Intelligensia, World Flavors and Gilly Flowers.

Check out this unique space at its 59 E. Colorado Blvd. location in Pasadena or visit them online.


The Squirrel Co. | Los Angeles

Biscuit Factory (1)

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Upstairs | Downtown

Upstairs (3)Upstairs (1)Upstairs (4)Upstairs (5)

The newly renovated Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A. has a secret lurking in its attic and it’s called Upstairs. Located on the thirteenth floor of this Spanish Gothic 1920’s building, this new downtown hot spot offers great views of the Broadway Theater district and surrounding neighborhoods. Set within the concrete walls of the building’s center piece tower, the bar mixes raw slabs of concrete with walnut furnishings to create a new industrial feel. Proving itself to be a quintessential part of Los Angeles’ downtown renaissance culture, Upstairs bar offers guests an innovative space for handcrafted cocktails and spectacular views. Visit the freshmen site at 929 S. Broadway or visit the Ace Hotel website for more information.

Ace Hotel | Downtown L.A.

Ace (1)Ace (2)Upstairs (1)The Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A. was bustling with visitors today for the 6th anniversary of the Bring Back Broadway initiative. Built in 1927 by the legendary United Artists film company– founded by Hollywood hot shots, D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks– the Spanish style building now houses a high-end hotel, the LA Chapter restaurant, the Coffee Counter espresso bar and one of the best rooftop bars in Los Angeles called, Upstairs. Located in walking distance of L.A. Live, the Fashion District and the Downtown Art Walk on Sprint St., the Ace Hotel is perfect for all downtown guests looking to get a real feel of the downtown culture. With just as much class as it has history, the Ace Hotel is setting high standards for other downtown development projects jumping on the Broadway Theater District’s modern renaissance. The Squirrel Co. highly recommends checking out Broadway’s newest resident for your next overnight. To book your stay, check out the Ace Hotel website or stroll down to the 929 S. Broadway location.

Old Town Pasadena


Our first Neighborhood Shout Out goes to Old Town Pasadena.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit this upscale L.A. town, then you’re definitely missing out on one of L.A.’s best hot spots. Located near the historic Arroyo Seco in the San Gabriel Valley, Old Town Pasadena is home to some of the most historical buildings and landmarks in Southern California. From the sports-friendly Rose Bowl to the ninety-eight year old Pasadena Play House, the City of Pasadena has a lot to choose from in terms of historical sites. Colorado boulevard, the center of the city’s commerce district, also features shops and restaurants fit for all tastes.

For the best Old Town experience be sure to stop by The Luggage Room for an oven baked pizza with a side of bacon wrapped figs, along with a cold brew from Stone Brewery Co., located just a few steps away. For dessert, enjoy an ice cream sandwich from the newly opened pop-up store, The Coolhaus Shop— we recommend getting the coffee Oreo ice cream sandwich. Not much of a sweet tooth? No worries.Travel east down the boulevard and grab a cup of coffee from near by Zona Rosa Caffe. Nothing goes better with a cup of fresh brew than good company and a stroll through sunny Old Town. Enjoy!

Summer 2013 Gentleman’s Guide

With summer in full swing, The Squirrel Co. is here to present you with advice on how to make the best of what’s left of the season. Now let’s get started…


First thing is first: go travel. If you’re anything like this young professional, traveling opportunities don’t come up as often as you’d like. Don’t let that stop you. This is your chance to take advantage of the moment. Whether it’s a road trip up the coast with your buddies or even a romantic get away outside the country, make it happen! And remember, traveling doesn’t need to be expensive– work with what you’ve got. With a tank full of gas and a playlist of your favorite music, you can make any weekend into a travel adventure.


Now that you’ve got the traveling bug taken care of, you’re going to have a lot of downtime once you’re back. Our suggestion…spend it outside. With weather as great as it is in Los Angeles, there is absolutely no excuse for spending your days indoors. Money doesn’t have to be a factor, either. There are plenty of activities, free events and a number of locations in LA that are of little to no cost. So take a walk or ride your bike, and explore the city. You’re bound to run into something interesting.

IMG_20130727_141556 (2)

Try new foods. We can’t stress this enough. Don’t let your comfort foods weigh you down–literally. While fast food and takeout tend to be the regular dinner item for most guys, spice things up and try something new. We can tell you from experience that trying new dishes can lead to great things. With so many cuisines making a dash for the mainstream market, Los Angeles gastronomy is making its mark in the culinary world. Give it a try.


Don’t sweat the heat. Get creative with your style and keep it cool. The temperature is just right at this time of the year, which means you can get away with wearing just about anything– just about. Skip the heavy jackets, pants and shirts, and opt for some light jackets, khakis and short sleeved button downs instead. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, mix in some bright colors, patterns and textures while you’re at it.

So there you have it– travel, spend time outdoors, try new foods, and keep your style cool. Four very simple things that any gentleman in Los Angeles can do to make the best of their summer. Enjoy!