Tierra Mia Coffee | Echo Park

Tierra Mia (1)

Tierra Mia Coffee is probably one of the few coffeeshops in the city of Los Angeles that offers an authentic Latin American coffee experience from bean to brew. Unique in its approach to coffee craftsmanship, the Tierra Mia Coffee menu includes single brewed coffee, creative espresso based specialty drinks, and pastries baked fresh at their L.A. bakery. What’s best is that all of its menu items are inspired by traditional Latin flavors, reflecting the colorful cultures of Latin America and its diverse people. Must try items include their Horchata Latte and Tres Leches Muffin which not only tastes like the real thing but also adds a twist to the orinigal. 

Worthy of boasting, Tierra Mia Coffee sources its beans from choice micro-lot coffee farms throughout Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and others, purchasing green beans above fair trade market price and roasting them in house to capture the highest quality in freshness. Tierra Mia Coffee has locations throughout the county including in Long Beach, Huntington Park, Echo Park and Highland Park, not to mention a few locations in San Francisco. Learn more about this Latin American inspired coffee spot at tierramiacoffee.com


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