Exploring the world just got a little bit easier, thanks to three very innovative gentlemen.


Inspired by their study abroad programs and international service trips, the determined trio behind DOC360° has developed an interactive non-profit organization that focuses on the documentation of cultures and people from around the globe. Founders Sam Shimizu-Jones, Phil Ebiner, and Caleb Negassa met in Los Angeles while studying film and directing at Loyola Marymount University. Since then, the group has been a thriving force in Los Angeles cinematography and documentation. As a collective group, “DOC306° aims to redefine global exploration by showcasing the shared human experience.” While their concept may sound relatively simple, their goal is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Here is how it works. Teams of photographers, cinematographers or both, are sent out on sponsored trips to various destinations throughout the world. During their travels, team members are expected to document the culture, architecture, and even the people of each respective location–focusing heavily on capturing the human spirit and essence of the region. Findings are then shared with DOC360° followers through photographs and short-film documentaries on the organization’s website.

Although still in its beta phase, DOC360° has collected photography, filmed documentaries and reported on more than twenty locations around the world. Countries include Columbia, Argentina, Hungary, Germany, Ethiopia, India, and Tanzania, just to name a few. In exploring these areas, the group hopes to help followers discover a bit more of their global community and document the beauty of diversity in our world. And while this may be the ultimate goal of the org, DOC360° also extends their invitation and, “encourage[s] the participation of our audience while on their own travels”–making for a true global collaboration.

For your chance to become an active DOC360° travel buddy or to simply start exploring the world through the eyes of fellow photographers and filmmakers, be sure to visit the DOC360° website.

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