Men’s Holiday Socks

While we never thought we would be writing an article on an item of menswear that we rarely sport, this collection of men’s holiday socks has us doing just that. And in good nature too! Thanks to the ever-so convincing charm of Maxton Men and their limited collection of socks that were recently released, The Squirrel Co. welcomes the two golden toes in men’s footwear– PACT and Richer Poorer. These two remarkable California brands are sure to bring that little extra something, to that otherwise stylish wardrobe of yours! From organic cotton to a combed cotton-nylon blend, these men’s holiday socks will carry you and your style far pass this holiday season.

You can expect a variety of styles and colors, fit for any gentleman. For a look that says, “I’m ready to go chop down this year’s Christmas tree, honey!” PACT offers the Work Socks— an organic cotton blend, free from pesticides, bleaches, and sweatshops– that come in a navy, charcoal, light grey, and red base color that will compliment any khaki pant or simply look good thrown under your favorite pair of jeans. For that office newbie, fresh out of college, that wants to remind everyone in the office, “I can still frat hard,”  Richer-Poorer is ready to deliver with their Recruit Socks in both blue and green. These socks use a digital camo pattern that brings, “personality and toughness,” to your office threads. And finally, for the patriotic, BBQ loving American civil soldier in every family, we present the Richer Poorer’s American-made Patriotic Navy and Red Socks— made of 78% combed cotton and marked with stars and stripes.

In good holiday spirit, The Squirrel Co. would like to tip our hats to both of these brands for inspiring our style creativity and making true sock-fans out of us! To get your hands on these men’s holiday socks from PACT and Richer Poorer, visit the Maxton Men online store and place your order while supplies last.

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