Linus Bikes

Keeping it simple is what this Los Angeles bike shop does best.

With only under a dozen models to choose from, Linus Bikes make choosing the perfect roadster the easiest and most mindless task ever. Each bike features a durable Hi Tensile steel frame with chromoly down tube, 3-piece forged aluminum crank, double wall alloy rims with stainless steel spokes,  and genuine leather grips, making it the most reliable and elegant ride on the market. The Roadster Classic— inspired by the golden age of French and Italian cinema– and the Gaston 1— a hybrid of the Roadster Classic and Mixte 3 bikes– are just a few of the quality bicycles one can find at a Linus Bikes pop-up shop.

The Los Angeles based company operates from its Marina Del Rey offices and caters to bike fanatics that are looking for the perfect utilitarian city bike. Inspired by French models of the 1950s and 60s, all Linus bikes feature unique craftsmanship which make for the most “simple and reliable,” bikes that you will ever ride.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure into the city or simply in search of the perfect vehicle to dodge all the rustle and bustle of L.A. traffic, Linus Bikes are guaranteed to be the perfect pick. Linus Bikes pride themselves as being the ultimate and most affordable utilitarian city bike that truly, “make[s] for a happier, city experience.”

So do yourself and our environment a favor by reducing carbon emissions, congestion and noise pollution, and purchase your very own Linus Bike today. Visit one of the Linus Bikes pop-up shops in Venice and Pasadena, for your chance at experiencing Los Angeles like you never have before.

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