Room 101


Wondering what to do with your boring Wednesday night this week? Have a guy or gal you’d like to take out and impress with your insider knowledge of LA? Or simply want to do something charitable?

This Wednesday night Room 101’s charity show for Tree People can solve any boredom, dating, or philanthropic needs you may have. Room 101 is one of the more established indie Improv shows around town and is held every week at The Complex in Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. This show not only strives to spotlight up-and-comers in the comedy scene but 2 to 3 times a year it picks a local charity to showcase and donate all its proceeds made that night.

Tomorrow night is a special charity show benefiting the LA based non-profit organization, Tree People— whose mission is to, “unite the power of trees, people and technology to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles.”  The philanthropic organization teaches communities how to plant and care for trees, as well as enlightens people about current environmental issues while working with local government to create change. The best part about this 35-year-old organization is that it benefits the entire city which means your donations benefit you too!

Uniquely and appropriately this week’s Room 101 show will take place in an outdoor amphitheater with two of L.A.’s top teams headlining: Skinny Business and Convoy. So if you missed “Shakespeare in the Park,” this summer or just have never seen an improv show– this is sure to make for a great night under the stars as well as an excellent introduction to the form!

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and ends at 10:30 p.m. with two intermissions– plenty of time to drink beer, donate, and bid on art prints signed by well know performers in the community! And who knows? Someone you see this night might turn out to be the next Amy Pohler, Steve Carell, or even Tina Fey.

Check out the event page on Facebook for more info on Room 101 as well as the Tree People website to learn how you can make change in your community.

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The OC Mafia: An Original Collection


All The OC Mafia graphic tees are designed by co-founders, Ian Hutchison and Ryan Mark. Inspired by their belief that “quality art and creativity is alive and well,” the talented duo brings a sense of realness that is often lost amidst the glitz and the glamor of this tinsel town. Join the mob and order your very own The OC Mafia graphic tee ($22) by contacting them at or visit their website for more on this cultural and artistic movement.

The OC Mafia


Almost as impossible as finding a good parking spot in downtown, befriending a true Los Angeles native in this city is just as unlikely. Whether it’s a struggling actor from the Midwest or tourist from across the pond, the resident demographics of this west side jewel is predominately made up of people from out-of-state. And so amidst this cultural melting pot, The OC Mafia clothing and design company is here to pull the vial off of any tinsel town misconceptions and evoke a more real and grimy essence into Southern California fashion and style.

Co-founders Ryan Mark and Ian Hutchison (old college roommates from Chapman University) have come together to spearhead the cultural and artistic movement that is The OC Mafia. Their clothing line is influenced by an array of cultural elements spanning from the styles of 70s and 80s DIY punk posters, to the vernacular design of Ed Banger records. Infusing these elements together, the duo uses this stylistic approach in showcasing elements of Southern California that not many designers choose to highlight– the dirt and grime.

“We are not there to say Southern California is a horrible place as much as we are saying it is a real place that has the grime living side by side with the sunshine and palm trees. So the sun comes hand in hand with the shadows, which is very much a part of the chiaroscuro style consistent in noir,” says co-founder Ryan Mark. And while seemingly poking fun of the hype created by out-of-state residents and other residents alike, The OC Mafia brings sincerity and genuine appreciation for both the good and the bad that Southern California has to offer.

To experience and learn more about this collection, visit The OC Mafia website at or contact them directly at to order your own genuine piece of California.