Refined Design

A true renaissance man to the core, owner and creative mind behind J.Holden Designs, Johnathan Holden, introduces his industrial line of male accessories and furniture pieces to The Squirrel Co. readers.


Inspired by the vibrant yet modest characteristics of the city of Los Angeles, J. Holden Designs brings elegance as well as texture to its collection of shadow box pendants. With pieces such as the screw or switch blade necklace, it is easy to see the impact that the city and its surroundings had on the creation of each individual piece. “I feel like my pieces reflect the combination of the raw beauty in the industrial parts of LA with the materials I use (copper, resin, brass) and the different ways I form my pieces,” says Holden.

If that isn’t impressive enough, J. Holden Designs also produces original and unique furniture pieces– from beer caddies to beer coasters– proving to be a great addition to any gentleman’s home! In exposing the true raw beauty of the materials used, Holden’s collection of handmade furniture demonstrate his dedication to genuine craftsmanship and quality handwork. And for those looking to make more of a statement with larger furniture pieces, no worries! J. Holden Designs is working on producing, “larger scale pieces and pieces that are more one of a kind.”

Bringing industrial qualities of the city to life and executing it in refined design, Holden’s collection of accessories and furniture serves as a tribute to the raw yet elegant beauty of Los Angeles– a quality we, here at The Squirrel Co., definitely appreciate!

To experience and see more from J. Holden Designs, visit their website at or contact them directly to order your very own piece at

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