Fine, Handcrafted Objects

Inspired by “natural material, simplicity and high quality,” creator and founder Andrew Smith transforms each and every one of his pieces into sheer metal and leather works of art. His company, Object Mfg. Co., is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in a number of products, including wallets, belts, pipes, tables, and furniture, just to name a few. Smith’s passion and devotion to his craft is evident in the fine, high quality character of each of his pieces, making him an obvious hit with us here at The Squirrel Co.

Catching our eye, the stainless steel band ($20) and hand stitched wallet ($25), each demonstrate Smith’s particular attention to detail and to geniune craftmanship.The simplicity of each product illustrates the power of what is pure and sincere in Object Mfg. Co. goods, making for a unique addition to any gentleman’s style. Our favorite part of it all, Smith admits that although he doesn’t try to create objects that are obviously influenced by LA culture, ” the city works its way into my pieces in subtle ways.” A big thumbs up for that one!

We encourage you to check out more of Smith’s quality collection on or pay Object Mfg. Co. a visit at the Port of Los Angeles CRAFTED events, fridays thru sundays.

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