Beer for the People

Calling this microbrewery a “hidden gem,” would be an understatement.

Eagle Rock Brewery is located off the Glendale 2-freeway in the “rougher” streets of the industrial part of Eagle Rock. Being the first brewing company in 60 years to be operating out of Los Angeles, the sophomore company had some high expectations when arriving in this neighborhood. All we can say here at The Squirrel Co. is that it has certainly been worth the wait!

Marked by its bright orange door, the microbrewery offers patrons the chance to enjoy their selection of brews in their public tap-room just adjacent to the brewery. With no kitchen on site, the Eagle Rock Brewery staff encourages customers to bring their own food…making this experience a truly unique one for every visitor. For those of you who forget to pack your own lunch/dinner, don’t worry! From what we can see on the brewery’s itinerary, food trucks line up just outside the brewery’s orange door, serving up the lastest in food cravings.

Now, on with the beers…

Eagle Rock Brewery’s selection of beers are brewed on location and thus vary from season to season. However you can expect to find these four beer staples year round: Solidarity Black Mild Ale, Manifesto Wit Bier, Revolution Extra Pale Ale, and the Populist IPA. Ask us which one The Squirrel Co. enjoys best and we’ll send you packing with a couple growlers of Eagle Rock Brewery’s Manifesto Wit Bier. This golden brew is a Belgian-style white ale with flavors of coriander and citrus peel, enhanced with rose pedal accents for a exhilarating twist.

So take a drive down (or up) the 2 and exit off San Fernando Blvd. to experience this truly “hidden gem,” at 3056 Roswell St., Los Angeles CA 90065. You can also visit the Eagle Rock Brewery website,, to learn more.


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