Bold & Bright

This bird is singing all the right notes!


Frigate, a freshman company based out of Los Angeles, introduces a new twist to an old favorite…the necktie! Designers, Joe Gott and Iris Bainum-Houle, transform these classic pieces by bringing aspects of art and nature to this fashion staple. “After moving to LA I decide to learn how to sew and I’ve applied my color theory and interest in cubism/modern art to making neckties,” says Gott, making this collection stunningly unique and refreshing.

Now, what sets this neck-wear apart from your ordinary “old man” tie is the innovative aspect of its design and its use of bold and bright colors! Drawing its inspiration from the male frigate bird, the collection features a strategically placed opening on the front of each piece, the short brightly colored end can then be displayed through that opening and shown off like the phosphorescent underbelly of the black bird. For those of you that aren’t familiar, frigate birds inflate their vibrant red chests during breeding season to attract mates…a characteristic Gott and Bainum-Houle incorporated in the development of the collection.

Made from 100% natural fibers, Frigate offers the standard necktie as well as the bow tie version. And with this stunning collection made right here in Los Angeles, each piece is a clear reflection of the city’s eclectic culture and style. As Gott said it best, “Our ties are inspired by the vibrancy and fun-loving nature of the west coast.” As an innovative and creative company, Frigate has even this Squirrel chirping its praises!

To brighten up the fun and creative gentleman in you, visit and purchase your very own colorful piece of neck-wear.

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