Rightfully, Wrong

Off the beaten tracks of Downtown Los Angeles, lies one of the city’s most popular and underrated bars, Villain’s Tavern. A real diamond in the rough, this steam-punk inspired bar and restaurant can be found among decades-old brick warehouses. Its setting in the Warehouse District, gives it a quality that most downtown bars do not have– a quality we absolutely love!

Complimenting its unique location, the tavern’s decor is also something out of the ordinary and quite scary, to be frank. With its signature black and white-striped carnival tent housing all its dark crevices, Villain’s is sure to attract carnie freaks and gawkers alike.

If atmosphere is not what you are looking for, guests can be sure to enjoy from their extensive drink list and menu. Choices vary from anything between the Demon Burger ($12) to the Serpent’s Ceviche ($5), served on a homemade tostada with fresh seafood, vegetables, lemon and spices.

So if by chance you find yourself in the wrong part of town, you are probably in the right place! Villain’s Tavern is located at 1356 Palmetto Street or online at www.villainstavern.com.

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