Clipping Champs

Something you wouldn’t expect to find in the shadowy streets of Dowtown L.A. is a reliable barbershop– until now. Bolt Barbers, operating from its Spring Street location, offers services beyond your average cut-and-go stores. Being the first old school Barbershop to open in Downtown L.A. in 50 years, Bolt specializes (to a perfection, might we add) in shearing, shaving, and shining. Its keeping it simple mentality may be the reason why this pop shop is stringing all the right chords with downtown residents. If you aren’t sold yet, maybe their mission will do the trick, “Stirring the art of old school barbering for the enjoyment and benefit of social beasts aged7-70, while encouraging community amongst dudes to just be themselves!”

Check out these clipping champs at Bolt Barbers on Spring Street, Downtown L.A. or visit them online at


Frigate: The Original Collection



A collection that needs no introduction– Frigate by designers Joe Gott and Iris Bainum-Houle, brings color and creativity to the heart of men’s fashion. To brighten up your own feathers, check out Frigate at

Bold & Bright

This bird is singing all the right notes!


Frigate, a freshman company based out of Los Angeles, introduces a new twist to an old favorite…the necktie! Designers, Joe Gott and Iris Bainum-Houle, transform these classic pieces by bringing aspects of art and nature to this fashion staple. “After moving to LA I decide to learn how to sew and I’ve applied my color theory and interest in cubism/modern art to making neckties,” says Gott, making this collection stunningly unique and refreshing.

Now, what sets this neck-wear apart from your ordinary “old man” tie is the innovative aspect of its design and its use of bold and bright colors! Drawing its inspiration from the male frigate bird, the collection features a strategically placed opening on the front of each piece, the short brightly colored end can then be displayed through that opening and shown off like the phosphorescent underbelly of the black bird. For those of you that aren’t familiar, frigate birds inflate their vibrant red chests during breeding season to attract mates…a characteristic Gott and Bainum-Houle incorporated in the development of the collection.

Made from 100% natural fibers, Frigate offers the standard necktie as well as the bow tie version. And with this stunning collection made right here in Los Angeles, each piece is a clear reflection of the city’s eclectic culture and style. As Gott said it best, “Our ties are inspired by the vibrancy and fun-loving nature of the west coast.” As an innovative and creative company, Frigate has even this Squirrel chirping its praises!

To brighten up the fun and creative gentleman in you, visit and purchase your very own colorful piece of neck-wear.

Handsome Coffee Roasters


Not your average cup of Joe, Handsome Coffee Roasters is an Arts District coffee bar that caters to the individual rather than the masses. Throw out all formed preconceptions about coffee and the coffee industry– this coffee bar does it right.

Proud to call Los Angeles home, HCR operates its national outreach from its Downtown L.A. headquarters just outside Little Tokyo. How do they do it, you ask? Their success may be credited to the “Three Simple Pillars,” of which they uphold: hospitality, accessibility and uncompromising quality. Plain and simple, they brew great coffee and they do it with a smile. As they said it best, “We’re not making coffee for everyone…we’re making it for you.”

Next time you’re looking for the right cup of joe, count on these Handsome Coffee Roasters to point you in the right direction. Visit them at their Arts District location or at

Rightfully, Wrong

Off the beaten tracks of Downtown Los Angeles, lies one of the city’s most popular and underrated bars, Villain’s Tavern. A real diamond in the rough, this steam-punk inspired bar and restaurant can be found among decades-old brick warehouses. Its setting in the Warehouse District, gives it a quality that most downtown bars do not have– a quality we absolutely love!

Complimenting its unique location, the tavern’s decor is also something out of the ordinary and quite scary, to be frank. With its signature black and white-striped carnival tent housing all its dark crevices, Villain’s is sure to attract carnie freaks and gawkers alike.

If atmosphere is not what you are looking for, guests can be sure to enjoy from their extensive drink list and menu. Choices vary from anything between the Demon Burger ($12) to the Serpent’s Ceviche ($5), served on a homemade tostada with fresh seafood, vegetables, lemon and spices.

So if by chance you find yourself in the wrong part of town, you are probably in the right place! Villain’s Tavern is located at 1356 Palmetto Street or online at