Authentic California

When talking about fashion in Los Angeles, we can’t forget to show some sort of appreciation to California’s best, SeaVees. This revolutionary California inspired brand has made a lively impression– if not for its unbelievable dedication to craftmanship in men’s footwear, then for its captivating and enthralling ethos.

SeaVees is a Santa Barbara based brand that draws its inspiration not only from the West Coast Golden State but specifically from California in the 1960s. They pride themselves in being the quintessential “journey through which to understand California’s vital role in influencing American culture,” and we would definitely have to agree. It is a journey we encourage every gentleman to take.

Made with authentic perfection, each style is named after an influential date in California history– making your SeaVees experience a literal walk through history. The Squirrel Co. favorite is the 08/61. army issue sneaker with low ankle lining ($88), named after the installation and renaming of Fort Irwin in San Bernardino, the Army’s prime training center in August of ’61. However if you are going for more of a tailored look, SeaVees’ 02/60. 7 eye trail ($100) is the style to get. If history is what you’re going for, try the 09/66. Huarache ($158)–a leather shoe worn by Baja Surf Club members at the 1966 first annual Baja Surf Club Invitational in San Miguel, Mexico to protect their feet from urchins on tournament days.

Become a part of authentic California history by visiting one of the Los Angeles SeaVees distributors or stop by their site at

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