Onto Plan B

 As part of our ethos, The Squirrel Co. finds responsibility in reporting on companies and organizations that make a whole hearted commitment to the well being of the public as well as the environment. In that respect, we would love to introduce to our readers B Corporation— a league of entrepreneurs, shareholders, and investors of the private sector that, “[use] the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” To put it in even simplier terms, B Corporations strive to change the business world using a “me” to “we” ideology.

The evolution of this new type of corporation began with the realization that present corporate laws were simply not doing the job. As they state in their mission statement, laws were making it difficult for companies to take employees, the environment, and the community into consideration. Lack of transparency standards also made it difficult to tell if a company was genuinely “good” or just good at marketing. And that is why these “bad” laws gave way to a new kind of corporation– B Corporation.

Now, what exactly does an B Corporation do? First off, they must follow the B Corporation Declaration, “hold[ing] these truths to be self-evident: (a) that we must be the change we seek in the world, (b) that all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered, (c) that, through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all, and (d) to do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.” In other words, they strive to be “the change we seek.”

With the creation of this new type of sector, we will be sure to secure greater economic opportunity as well as making a positive impact in our community and to our environment. For a list of the 500 young and old companies that have already ditched plan A, visit www.bcorporation.net.


SeaVees, CA



Where fashion and history meet– SeaVees Authentic California. Inspired by the Golden State in 1960s, each style has its own story tied to California history in the decade. Find them at stores throughout Los Angeles or on www.seavees.com.

Authentic California

When talking about fashion in Los Angeles, we can’t forget to show some sort of appreciation to California’s best, SeaVees. This revolutionary California inspired brand has made a lively impression– if not for its unbelievable dedication to craftmanship in men’s footwear, then for its captivating and enthralling ethos.

SeaVees is a Santa Barbara based brand that draws its inspiration not only from the West Coast Golden State but specifically from California in the 1960s. They pride themselves in being the quintessential “journey through which to understand California’s vital role in influencing American culture,” and we would definitely have to agree. It is a journey we encourage every gentleman to take.

Made with authentic perfection, each style is named after an influential date in California history– making your SeaVees experience a literal walk through history. The Squirrel Co. favorite is the 08/61. army issue sneaker with low ankle lining ($88), named after the installation and renaming of Fort Irwin in San Bernardino, the Army’s prime training center in August of ’61. However if you are going for more of a tailored look, SeaVees’ 02/60. 7 eye trail ($100) is the style to get. If history is what you’re going for, try the 09/66. Huarache ($158)–a leather shoe worn by Baja Surf Club members at the 1966 first annual Baja Surf Club Invitational in San Miguel, Mexico to protect their feet from urchins on tournament days.

Become a part of authentic California history by visiting one of the Los Angeles SeaVees distributors or stop by their site at www.seavees.com.

Time Flies

French watchmakers, Bell & Ross have created an aviation masterpiece– the BR 01 Horizon. Inspired by the attitude indicator on the instrumental panel of an airplane, the newly stylized piece breaks all conventional and traditional watch features. With only 999 of these stainless steel case and rubber strapped time pieces available, be sure to visit www.bellross.com to purchase this Bell & Ross time instrument.

Uniquely Contemporary


“Classic and understated,” by definition, Unis is a New York native clothing store that brings about a sense of sophistication and fine craftmanship in today’s men’s wear. Originating on the east coast, Unis has just recently opened its doors in Los Angeles at their West L.A. location on La Brea Avenue. With designer Eunice Lee leading the charge, this fashion icon delievers union made clothing inspired by the classic Americana style.

Although popular for its pant collection, The Gio ($198), Unis utilizes its keen eye for men’s fashion and features other impressive items– such as Lightning Bolt’s Barracuda jacket ($174) and John Smedley’s Roe sweater ($275). However, be sure not to overlook the brand’s personal collection, which is produced and manufactured in New York and Los Angeles!

Visit the store at its Los Angeles location or take a look at this “uniquely contemporary,” men’s wear at www.unisnewyork.com

Bricks & Bottles


“Bottle service,” is an understatement at The Brickyard Pub. This North Hollywood upscale pub style bar, located in the city’s trendy Art’s District, features a collection of 75 domestic and imported bottled beers. That’s right– bottled! With an extensive menu featuring pilsners, pale ales, pale lagers, brown ales, amber ales, and IPAS (just to name a few), it is hard to believe a place like The Brickyard Pub actually exists!

Whether you are taking a seat at one of the pub’s beer garden tables or spending your time gawking at their awesome beer bottle display, this candle lit brick house is sure to please all bar goer alike. And after the right amount of drinks, it may even take you back to your basement partying days!  

Along with its commendable drink menu, this NoHo bar houses weekly beer pong tournaments, plenty of billiards, darts, and even shuffleboard. However, it wouldn’t be a sure deal without good food to compliment the great atmosphere. Luckily for us, The Brickyard Pub is catered by a number of “So Cal’s trendiest” food trucks. And with beer prices ranging anywhere from three dollars to seven, you and your wallet will be sure to have a great time at this rustic brick house!

So take the time to experience the new vibe of North Hollywood at The Brickyard Pub or visit them at www.brickyardnoho.com