Surfs Up

A men’s wear clothing store that is making quite the splash! 


 A big thanks to one of New York City’s finest men’s fashion entrepreneurs– Saturdays Surf NYC, for bringing the summer heat a little earlier than expected. Although not an L.A. establishment, we just could not resist highlighting this clearly Los Angeles inspired (or so we like to tell ourselves), surf brand.

Saturdays Surf NYC first opened its doors in August 2009 in the SoHo hub of New York City, and has grown substantially ever since. This GQ Magazine favorite is “determined to suit a lifestyle occupied with surfing” and features a number of high quality craftmanship clothing items aside from their custom surf boards. A squirrel favorite is this summer’s new twist to the graphic tee, Double Chip T-Shirt ($40), which plays with the idea that less is more. Add a pair of classic-fitted Ennis Boardshorts ($75.00) to your cart too!

So grab your board and paddle to for more on this surf inspired coastal gem, Saturdays Surf NYC.

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