Nestled in between a row of boutiques and showrooms in Los Feliz, lies the humbling quite clothing store Steven Alan Outpost. With locations scattered across the nation– including its original New York store– the Steven Alan Collection has surely found its footing in the fashion world. Since its 1994 launch, the clothing store has done a fantastic job at reinterpreting classic design and style while upholding the company’s commitment to its “classic American roots.”

The Los Feliz showroom carries clothing and accessories from both the Steven Alan Collection as well as from other leading labels– including, but not limited to, Onia and the Military Watch Co. Although known for his signature Reverse Seam Shirt, Mr. Alan also showcases a number of styles and designs mimicing Americana fashion. The Squirrel Co. favorites include the flap pocket collegiate shirt and the slit cut sweater, both by Steven Alan.

Check out the collection at one of their three southern California locations or pay them a visit at, and become a part of American fashion history.

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