Stirring the Pot

The Los Angeles City Council will make its final decision on March 16th, in regards to finalizing redrawn district boundaries in the city. With less than a week left for the ordinance to be voted on, council members Jan Perry and Bernard Parks have stirred up the pot with accussations that the Redisticting Committee has violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Under this amendment, the government gaurentees equal protection of the law to all members of society. Perry and Parks believe that the commision is not holding truth to this amendment but they are relying on race to draw new districts.

The commission has defended its actions, stating that it is merely following guidelines highlighted in the Voting Rights Act. Race, as a factor, is supported by this act only if, “(1) there is a sufficiently large and geographically compact minority population; (2) and the minority population is politically cohesive; and (3) white voters vote sufficiently as a bloc so as to usually be able to defeat the minority group’s preferred candidate.”  

Perry and Parks claim that the commission has not taken under consideration whether or not minorities are indeed “politically cohesive,” nor if white voters would reject a minority candidate. With allegations being backed by supporters of Perry and Parks, the Redistricting Commission has a lot on its plate before the March 16th vote.


At the Intersection of Park & Bond

Call a cab…The Squirrel Co. is heading to New York!

Named after the two most stylish streets in New York, Park & Bond is our number one online stop for the latest in men’s fashion. The online men’s store offers a selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear for every gentleman– whether it be for casual wear or bussiness attire. Built with the idea of bridging together the styles of classic fashion with those of today’s contemporary world, expect to find trends and labels of all sorts.

Although only being on the fashion circuit for a little under a year, Park & Bond has grown in popularity and now reaches out to more than one hundred countries world-wide. With its journalistic approach to fashion, guests are exposed not only to the latest in trends and designs but are also offered a literary accompaniment on how to construct the look.

In today’s tip, Park & Bond shows us “How to Dress Down A Suit,” by simply ditching the button up and trading it for a texturized polo shirt. With tips like these, it is easy to see why this online men’s store has gotten so popular since its debut in the Summer of 2011. So dress your best and meet us at Park & Bond for the latest in men’s fashion, or visit www.parkandbond to check it out for yourself.

L.A.’s Home-Brew


Just behind the railroad tracks in Atwater Village, hides L.A.’s biggest hometown brewery. The yellow house at Golden Road Brewing opened its doors to Los Angeles with the introduction of its new pub– serving up to twenty original beers on tap and accompanied with an organic fresh selection of menu items. Founded in 2011 by co-owners, Tony Yanow and Meg Gill, the brewery offers guests an eclectic selection of beers that mirrors the eclectic nature of the city.

Marked by its three colorful warehouses (red, blue and yellow), Golden Road Brewing is easy to spot against the lush greenery of the Santa Monica Mountains. This unusual location, nuzzled between Griffith Park and some railroad tracks, offers the right amount of “different” that Los Angeles bar-goers expect when going to this hometown brewery.

Choose a cold pint from Golden Road Brewing’s twenty different home-brewed beers– featuring a selection from their anytime beers, carpenter’s cellar, and custom IPA’s. The Squirrel Co. favorite is the Golden Road Hefeweizen ($4), a South German beer with “a pinch of California influence,” and aromas of banana, spice, orange, and lemon. Pair your beer with one of the pub’s locally grown menu items, including Yukon gold potato fritters with parmesan served with paprika cream ($4).

Golden Road Pub is now opened seven days a week, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. or visit them anytime at


Nestled in between a row of boutiques and showrooms in Los Feliz, lies the humbling quite clothing store Steven Alan Outpost. With locations scattered across the nation– including its original New York store– the Steven Alan Collection has surely found its footing in the fashion world. Since its 1994 launch, the clothing store has done a fantastic job at reinterpreting classic design and style while upholding the company’s commitment to its “classic American roots.”

The Los Feliz showroom carries clothing and accessories from both the Steven Alan Collection as well as from other leading labels– including, but not limited to, Onia and the Military Watch Co. Although known for his signature Reverse Seam Shirt, Mr. Alan also showcases a number of styles and designs mimicing Americana fashion. The Squirrel Co. favorites include the flap pocket collegiate shirt and the slit cut sweater, both by Steven Alan.

Check out the collection at one of their three southern California locations or pay them a visit at, and become a part of American fashion history.