A Public House Affair

Flooded with glass lighting and penny tile floors, Cole’s public house, awakens the spirit of classic 1900s Los Angeles. This timeless bar and restaurant is situated in what once was home to the Pacific Electric company, headquarters to the Pacific Electric railway network. Since 1908, Cole’s has been an L.A. favorite– serving as a prime lunch spot for the 100,000 people who rode the railway daily at the start of the downtown hype.

Proclaimed as the “originator of the french dip,” it is easy to see why the public house has done so well since its beginnings. This famed menu item is served with pork, prime beef turkey or lamb meat, accompanied with a cup of their Au Jus and Atomic Pickle Spear. With prices ranging between six to seven dollars, be sure to include a side of their head-scratching Spicy Garlic Fries ($3.19).

If a drink is what you want, Cole’s also houses its speakeasy bar– The Varnish. Marking its entrance with a oak-panelled wooden door, this speakeasy offers rustic cocktails in a early 1900s setting. In good manner, servers will respond to you in classic 1900s lingo.

Travel back in time and visit Cole’s on the corner of Six and Main or at www.213nightlife.com/colesfrenchdip

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