Four Generation Headwear

Blending the old with the new, the Goorin Bros. company is a Pitsburg native hat shop that is reintroducing the rich tradition of hat making craftmanship to the Los Angeles area. With its new location set in Old Town, Pasadena– a perfect setting for their 1920s inspired collection– the store is sure to find the perfect audience in this historic city.

Cassel Goorin founded the hat making business in 1895, selling his merchandise off of a small horse-drawn cart on the streets of Pennsylvania. It was not until 1949 when his sons, hence the Goorin Bros., moved the business to San Francisco and skyrocketed the “bold hatmaking” company into what it is today. Lucky for us, Cassel’s great grandson continues the tradition.

Inspired by San Francisco’s artistic community, Goorin Bros. offers an eclectic selection of shapes and styles made from quality craftmanship. Top sellers include the straight 6-panel duckbill flatcap as well as the classic straw threaded fedora. There truly is a crown for every king here with styles ranging from gatsbies, cadets, panamas, earflaps, knits and even troopers.

Decide which hat is right for you at their Old Town, Pasadena location or visit them at their other L.A. stores in Larchmont and Melrose. You can also check out the brothers’ website at


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