Clothes With A Cause

Located in the Arts District of Downtown LA, Apolis Global Citizen is a men’s fashion specialty store that centers itself on the idea that “people can live better lives if they are given equal access to opportunity.” It is through this ethos that Apolis manages to solidify its commitment to bridging commerce and sustainable development to other countries. As stated on their website, “Apolis co-creates products with manufaturers and directly allows the market to determine the future of each item we produce.”

Tucked away in the northern-edge of downtown, Apolis’ clothes gallery showcases a number of items ranging from its newest line of American-Made Looks, to its Tailored and Hand Crafted collection. The collection to look out for, however, is the new Transit collection which features durable and travel-ready items alike including organic hand dyed pocket squares and linen ties.

So if you’re in the area definitely give this store a visit if not for their clothing, for their inspirational humanitarian philosophy!


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